New Moderator and Clerk for Presbytery of Bangor

Presbytery of Bangor - New Moderator and ClerkRev. Stephen Reain Adair portrait1

At a meeting of the Presbytery of Bangor on Wednesday 25th August, the Rev. Stephen Reain-Adair was elected as the new moderator taking over from Rev. Chris Wilson.  At the same meeting, the Rev. Brian Moodie was elected as the new clerk, taking over from Rev. Ian Gilpin who had occupied the role for almost three decades. 

Gratitude is to be expressed to both Rev. Chris Wilson and to Rev. Ian Gilpin for the time and energy they had given to their respective roles, but especially to the Rev. Ian Gilpin for his years of faithful and selfless service in the role of clerk.  

Cork & Dublin Churches Re-Open from 28th May 2021


Please note that as of 28th May 2021, Churches in the Republic have been able to re-open with a maximum of 50 people in any church building.

In addition to services in person Cork and Dublin Unitarian Churches also have online worship opportunities: 

CORK UNITARIAN -  continues to broadcast Sunday Services, Night Prayer and Reflections which can be found on the Facebook Site - Click Here

DUBLIN UNITARIAN - Information on Dublin services can be found on their website NEWS PAGE  as well as on their HOME PAGE.



Synod 2021 - POSTPONED

Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland

Synod Meetings 2021

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Thank you, to all those responsible for returning reports to me in good time for me to circulate these in advance of the proposed Synod Meetings.

Thank you, to those who have made a return indicating the intention of their congregations to be represented ‘virtually’ at the proposed ZOOM meetings on the 8th and 9th June.

The decision to hold this years Remonstrant Synod and General Synod by ZOOM (which would have been in line with several other larger denominations) was made by the General Purposes Committee after much discussion and heart searching, recognising the difficulties this might cause some congregations but feeling that the benefits outweighed the disadvantages.

As Revd. Roger McKee said to me “One of the delights of Synod is catching up with old friends and the banter and craic that produces . It’s these relationships that our denomination thrives on and enrich our lives and our walk with the Lord.”

However, due to several communications recently from Ministers and Congregations, mainly those not represented on GPC, outlining their concerns about Zoom Meetings at this time, and the non return of nomination forms from a number of our Churches, the Moderators and Clerks of the Remonstrant Synod and General Synod have decided, regretfully and reluctantly, to defer this years Synod Meetings to a later date.

We are unhappy that this has occurred on two successive years and recognise that many churches and members will be disappointed to learn of this postponement.

We need to engage with and support one another as best we can. We need to feel we are not alone especially in these difficult times, but we trust that it will be possible to meet ‘in person’ at the earliest opportunity when we are completely out of lockdown.

To give us some thoughts as to how we might proceed in future we are holding the Wednesday morning 9th June slot open so that those who may be able, can meet together, and share ideas on an informal basis.

You are also encouraged to bring to our attention either by email, post, phone or at our open meeting on Wednesday morning, your thoughts, successes and disappointments on any matter, including the future situation should there be other lockdowns.


Join Zoom Meeting Wednesday 9th June 2021 (Just click on this link) or (copy and paste into your search bar.)
Meeting ID: 892 8808 1059

Yours in the Lord

Colin, Roger, Chris and Robert


Very Rev. Robert A McKee
Clerk of General Synod
(Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland)
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)